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Tesla is Lying About its Autopilot and Self-Driving Features: California DMV

Tesla’s autopilot and self-driving claims are getting investigated yet again, and this time the California Department of Motor Vehicles is leading the charge. That’s according to a complaint that was filed at the end of July. Read more...

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Are You One of the Eight People Who Bought a Mazda MX-30 Last Month?

Mazda’s July sales numbers were released a few days ago, and while they aren’t pretty (total sales are down 28.5 percent from a year ago) one thing sticks out as particularly ugly: MX-30 sales. Read more...

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Amtrak Execs Receive Six-Figure Bonuses as the Railroad Struggles to Hire Staff

In the United States, the highest-paid public employees are college sports coaches. For example, Mel Tucker signed a decade-long extension last November to continue as the head coach of Michigan State University’s football team for a salary of $9.5 millio

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Ferrari Requires No Changes, Says 'Guy Who Would Likely Be Fired in the Event of Such Changes'

2022 should be Scuderia Ferrari’s year. Alas, we are more than halfway through the campaign now, with nine races left to go, and Formula 1's oldest team continues to find new, unexpected ways to throw races. The latest was a head-scratching tire strat

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