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Skoda Restored The Only 1100 OHC Coupe In The World

Look at this little guy. He’s a special little guy, and there isn’t another little guy in the world like him. Back in 1959 Skoda produced a little 1100cc racing car with overhead cams and a roof called, creatively, the 1100 OHC Coupe. At the time it was l

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 10, 2022

What Car Model Has Gotten Worse Over The Years?

Carmakers are always tweaking their models; adding new color options, altered styling, different engine options from generation to generation. But not every alteration improves an automobile as it ages. Sometimes, cars can get worse over the years. Read m

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What Automaker's Lineup Would Make The Best Superhero Team?

Here’s an important question for you: If you had to pick a carmaker’s lineup from one era, and think of their model names as possible superheroes, what company — and in what era — would have the best superhero team? I think there’s a lot of possibilities

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Here's Another Excellent Way To Fix Cars Without Garbage Self-Tapping Screws

It seems like there are a million ways to attach stuff to your car. You can use adhesives, rivet nuts, bolts or if you’re some type of savage, there are zip-ties. Self-tapping screws also get used a lot, even when there are way better options out there. H

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