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Tesla's 'Phantom Braking' Problem Is Now Being Investigated By The U.S. Government

Tesla’s “phantom braking” issue just got a whole lot worse for the company and buyers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now opened a formal investigation into Tesla over reports of the issue. The organization has received 354 complai

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The New Subaru WRX Can Cost More Than The Old STI

Subaru is releasing a new WRX for 2022, and along with it comes a new price for the rally-inspired car’s fifth generation. It initially debuted in September 2021 to some mixed reviews – mostly around its questionable blacked-out fender. Unfortunately, it

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This Is How To Watch NASCAR's Iconic Daytona 500 This Weekend

This Sunday, NASCAR is kicking off its Cup Series season with the first points-scoring event, the Daytona 500. Whether you’ve been a long-time NASCAR fan or if this is your first race, this is everything you need to know to tune into the event.Read more..

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These Are The Best Cars Cast In Movies And TV

Sometimes, a character’s car in a show or movie is clearly the result of some behind-the-scenes brand deal with an automaker. Other times, though, you’ll find car casting that’s just inspired — perfect for the character, the situation, and the show or mov

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