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I Need To Combine Two Aging Cars Into One Newer One! What Should I Buy?

Deval has a Kia Forte and a Grand Caravan that are at the end of their life. He will be moving into an apartment with only one available parking space. He has a $25,000 budget wants something that is spacious for road trips but not too thirsty for gas. Re

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 11, 2022

You Guys, The Poop Trains Are Coming Back

In 2018, the Associated Press brought us this horrible tale of a small Alabama town suffering from a train full of what can only be called 10 million pounds of northern aggression—a sludge-hauling train full of solid human waste from New York and New Jers

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We Want To Find This 3-Story V6 Engine, And We Need Your Help To Do It

If you’ve spent any time road tripping, you know this country is home to numerous giant-sized versions of regular items. I myself just happened upon a giant barrel that serves snacks. That barrel was made in Flint, MI and today we come to you, Jalops aski

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Tesla Being Sued By California For 'Racially Segregated Workplace'

Tesla has again found itself facing a lawsuit alleging racism. This time though, the company is being sued by the state of California over allegations it discriminated against black employees and operated a “racially segregated workplace” within its Fremo

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