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What’s the Most Important Car of the 21st Century?

Cars are always evolving, improving, and changing as the years roll on and the technology adds up. But while innovations like the first ever car, the inaugural vehicle to have a three-point seatbelt and the first car to be fitted with a horn might be in t

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Aston Martin Has Its First New Logo in Almost 20 Years

In one way or another Aston Martin has had its wings logo for 90 years. The emblem first appeared on its cars back in 1932 and it’s still present to this day. Now, the British car maker has given the iconic emblem a minimalist update, its first logo refre

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Tesla Found Only 1 Percent At Fault In Deadly 116 MPH Crash

Back in 2018, eighteen-year-old Barrett Riley crashed his dad’s 2014 Tesla Model S into a wall at 116 mph, killing himself and one passenger. The vehicle was supposed to have a speed limiter installed, at the behest of Riley’s parents, but Tesla technicia

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The Stars of Gran Turismo's World Tournament See No Future in the Game

Lewis Bentley really started to question things when the show ended.Read more...

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