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Praise Be! Circuit Of The Americas Will Host F1 Until 2026

At the end of 2015, the Circuit of the Americas was reeling. That year’s race had seen a desperately low attendance due to poor weather — it doesn’t just rain in Texas, it pours — and the state of Texas was thinking about reducing the amount of money it g

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Canadians Wary Of EVs Because Of Cold Weather

With the push for electric vehicle adoption, one thing that may be overlooked by automakers is how extreme temperatures due to climate change will affect EV battery performance. Canadians seem to be keen on this, however. Multinational accounting firm KPM

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Extreme E Launched Another Cool Motorsport Series That You’re All Going To Hate

Motorsport is in a funny place these days, fighting to find its identity in a world that is increasingly turning its back on gas-powered performance. Historic series such as NASCAR and IndyCar are struggling to keep up with the times as hybrid and electri

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Police Are Arresting The Remaining Freedom Convoy Protesters Around Downtown Ottawa [Update]

After two days of warning Freedom Convoy protesters of the consequences of remaining in Ottawa’s downtown, and 22 days of semi trucks locking down the city, police are finally moving in on the protest as a whole. Read more...

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