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These Companies Have Some Big Plans For Commercial EV Charging

The U.S. is falling well behind on a public EV charging infrastructure – and that’s even more true when it comes to charging for commercial vehicles. It’s considered one of the biggest barriers to widespread EV truck adoption.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 6, 2022

These Are The Worst Car Shows On TV

A great TV show should be able to instill an interest, spark debate and leave you wanting more – and a good car show is no exception. Car shows can offer an introduction to the automotive world that many may never have gotten otherwise. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 6, 2022

Private Planes Are Old News, Rich People Should Buy Private Trains Instead

The definitive ranking of cool shit to buy when you’re minted goes: private plane, then yacht and helicopter is at the top. But now, a concept from luxury ship designer Thierry Gaugain has gone straight in as the coolest thing you can buy as a billionaire

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 6, 2022

This Porsche 911 More Than Tripled In Value In One Year

It’s just another unfortunate sign of the times. This little 1995 Porsche 993 911 Carrera Cab has changed hands three times. In that time, its selling price has ballooned from $46,000 in February 2021, to $165,000 in January 2022.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 6, 2022