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A Man Vanished On His Lunch Break. He Was Found Dead In The Trunk Of His Car Over A Month Later

Police are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a Houston man last December who vanished on his lunch break. News outlets are reporting that sadly his remains have been found. Where they were found compounds the myst

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Senate Right To Repair Bill Could Preserve Your Right To Fix Your Own Car

There is renewed hope for people who want a right to repair their equipment with a new bill that has been introduced in the U.S. Senate. The bill would ensure consumers can get their vehicles, electronic devices and farm equipment serviced by independent

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This Real Life Gran Turismo 4 Video Is The Most Charming Thing You'll Watch All Day

One of the best parts about Jalopnik is that cool people reach out to us all the time about fun stuff they’re building or doing with cars. A few days ago, one such reader emailed me a link to a video he made about autocrossing his Mazda3 Turbo. Only, it’s

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These Are Your Favorite Road Trip Stops

Ah, the great American road trip. Packing up the car, hitting the road, and finding your destination along the way. But if you want to plan just a little bit in advance, plot out a few points on your itinerary before you leave, we’ve got you covered. Or,

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