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Wireless Charging Highways Will Soon Face Their Toughest Challenge, Michigan

One of the big worries people have around electric vehicles is how they are going to charge them. Now, an Israeli tech firm wants to quell these concerns by creating wireless charging roads. And it sounds like the technology could be ready to tackle its t

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 4, 2022

The Halo Warthog Is The Most Important Vehicle In Video Games

The Halo series has been popping up in automotive news circles recently, after an early-aughts Chevy Tahoe showed up in a trailer for the games’ upcoming TV series. That little bit of car casting inspired a mod for the Master Chief Collection’s version of

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The Shipping Backlog Is Costing Companies So Much, They're Considering Bringing Production Back West

The logistical nightmare caused by the pandemic and subsequent high costs of shipping goods from Asia is making companies reconsider local production. At the very least, companies are thinking about “shortening supply chains” by bringing production back W

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Chinese Company Plans To Fly You At 9 Times The Speed Of Sound

Chinese company Space Transportation has some big plans. They’re currently developing a “rocket with wings” for space tourism as well as point-to-point travel. Read more...

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