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This Bronco Manufacturing 'Misbuild' Might Make A Cool Option

Manufacturing cars is hard. It’s so damn hard, they’re all made with so very many parts, some of which are just so damn tiny, and they all have to fit together just the right way — it’s amazing we’re able to pull it off as well as we do, by the millions,

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These Are The Worst Automotive Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl may be football’s biggest night, but it’s also the largest stage for another sport: The sport of professional advertising. Every year, agencies from around the world come together to compete for a Cannes Lion — or at least to be a trending

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I Need To Combine Two Aging Cars Into One Newer One! What Should I Buy?

Deval has a Kia Forte and a Grand Caravan that are at the end of their life. He will be moving into an apartment with only one available parking space. He has a $25,000 budget wants something that is spacious for road trips but not too thirsty for gas. Re

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You Guys, The Poop Trains Are Coming Back

In 2018, the Associated Press brought us this horrible tale of a small Alabama town suffering from a train full of what can only be called 10 million pounds of northern aggression—a sludge-hauling train full of solid human waste from New York and New Jers

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