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Watch Toyota's Autonomous Drift Supra Shred A Track

Remember Pacific Rim? “The Drift. Jaeger tech, based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems. Two pilots, mind-melding through memories with the body of a giant machine.” Apparently someone at the Toyota Research Institute remembers that phrase well, and want

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 3, 2022

Strange Smell Saves Man From Blowing Up Along With His Car

The nose gods must have been looking out for someone after a man’s life was saved by his own nose. A strange smell prompted the man to exit his vehicle that exploded shortly after, the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram reports.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 3, 2022

A Historic Bridge Must Be Dismantled To Get Jeff Bezos' $540 Million Yacht Out Of Dock

A Dutch company is currently building a 417-foot mega yacht for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that, once complete, will be the largest sailing vessel in the world. The only problem? Its three masts are too tall to leave the shipyard without dismantling a huge

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This Old Ship-Carrying Ship Is Cursed To Live Out Its Days As A Billionaire’s Yacht

If you need to ship a ship, you need to turn to a ship-carrying ship. These feats of engineering can be partially submerged to allow smaller vessels to board, before they are carried across the ocean. Now, one luxury boat builder has seen these vessels a

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