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If Hotels Partnered With EV Charging Chains, We Could Solve The Electric Infrastructure Problem

A few weeks ago, my husband posited that he had solved the electric vehicle infrastructure crisis when it came to charging. “Hotel chains just need to partner with EV charging chains,” he said. “Imagine if you could plan a road trip around the fact that e

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The Luxury Automakers That Won Big In 2021

2021 was, for most people, a long and difficult year. A year of political tensions, ever-shifting pandemic responses, and bean-related parents led to many considering it the worst year in their lives. Consider the other side, however, the silver lining: A

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What Can You Tell Me About This Juice Box Bike That Coca-Cola Forgot?

Here at Jalopnik, our team of writers have quite a diverse selection of cars, buses, trucks and other assorted machines. And, not wanting to be left out of this group of excitable owners, I have since set out to fill the vehicle-shaped hole in my apartmen

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Škoda Says Mileage Won't Affect Maintenance And Service Intervals When Electric Cars Take Over

Škoda wants to convince people about the benefits of switching to EVs by going after the dreaded maintenance and service intervals needed to keep ICE cars running. The Czech carmaker claims that counting miles will be unnecessary for EV servicing schedule

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