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Jalopnik Is Getting Thrown for a Loop in Forza Horizon 5 on Twitch at 4 P.M.

Remember when you were a kid, making vroom-vroom noises while pushing your Hot Wheels down a flexible orange track? Back before taxes or time clocks, those halcyon days of childhood. What if you could go back? Play with those same cars, explore those same

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These Are the Cars You Want to Buy Right Now

Buying a car is pretty much the second biggest purchase most of us will ever make in our lives, and since I’m some sort of Millennial/Gen Z intermediate, I’ll probably never be able to buy a house. That means, for me and lots of Americans, a car is the si

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Australia Will Test New Cars for Escapability in Floods

Australia is no stranger to flooding. In terms of elevation, it’s the single lowest continent above sea level, and it sees about as much rainfall in a year as New York City — which, of course, has floods of its own. In the face of all those waterlogged ro

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This Documentary Wants to Tell the Story of AMC, America's Kookiest Car Company

American Motors was always an offbeat company. Compared to the Detroit heavy hitters, AMC operated on a shoestring budget, gathering up niche U.S. brands like Rambler, Nash and Jeep. Despite being number four among the Big Three, AMC managed to crank out

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