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Intel's Grand Solution For The Chip Shortage Is A Big Plant In Ohio

Intel has big plans for Ohio, lawmakers want to know what Tesla’s plans are in one of China’s most embattled regions and Renault is ditching the old plan. All that and more in this Friday edition of The Morning Shift for January 21, 2022.Read more...

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This Ford E-350 Camper Has Four-Wheel Drive And A 444 Horsepower Diesel V8

Owning a camper van gives you the opportunity to set your stakes down in places where there are no hotels. But driving these things isn’t usually fun. Soon to roll across the auction block is a camper van that may be an antidote with its high ground clear

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Luxury Lease Scam Reminds Us That You Need VC Money To Rip People Off

So you want a luxury car, but don’t have luxury car money. What do you do? You could pull a traditional heist, snatching cars from under a dealership’s nose, but you’re more refined than that — a businesslike, suit-and-tie criminal. No, you need something

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This Is The Cadillac Escalade V

General Motors wants you to know that even though the future is electric, the present is still very much gas powered… and loud.Read more...

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