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GM Says It Can Beat Tesla

General Motors has its sights set on a long-range electric vehicle that can help it take down Tesla, Jeeps owner Stellantis ends a joint venture to build its cars in China, and NHTSA opens yet another investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot. All that and mor

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 19, 2022

U.K. Heat Wave 'Melts' Runway at Royal Air Force Airport: Report

It is worryingly hot today in the United Kingdom, and that heat has forced a number of airport runways to shut down because its runways literally melted.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 19, 2022

Tour de France Pours Water on Roads to Keep Pavement From Melting in Unprecedented European Heat Wave

Europe is in the midst of a dangerous, record-breaking heatwave. The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service, issued its first-ever red extreme heat warning as temperatures in parts of England are expected to exceed 104 degrees. On the o

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 19, 2022

Hertz Faces Yet Another Lawsuit Over Bogus Car-Theft Charges

Hertz would like you to pay attention to the fact that the company has added EVs (mainly Teslas) to its rental fleet. But an ugly reality distracts from that. For more than a year, the company has repeatedly been accused of having customers wrongly arrest

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 19, 2022