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Blip: Let's Just Check And See

The Rumpler Tropfenwagen is one of the most ahead-of-its-time, pioneering automobiles ever. Released in 1921, it was the first car to have actual, real aerodynamic considerations when designed. Of course, when Edmund Rumpler designed it, he didn’t have ac

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A Rivian Subcontractor Is Ordered To Pay Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Back Wages To Mexican Laborers

The Mexican laborers building Rivian’s EVs are finally getting paid for all of their work, according to the Chicago Tribune. An investigation into the labor practices of the company’s subcontractors found those subcontractors were not paying their laborer

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Long Live Christian Horner

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 driver’s championship this year, in a season that will be debated for ages, and also the last one before major rule changes go into effect next season, intended to help level the playing field. One thing is fo

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Pilots Land Airliner Safely After Ice Buildup Causes An Emergency

A flight crew is being lauded as heroes after safely landing a plane that at times was reportedly uncontrollable due to icing. An investigation is underway and preliminary findings show that the aircraft may not have been properly de-iced before departure

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