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NASCAR Driver Who Vowed Not To Get Political Embraces Political Cryptocurrency Sponsorship

Two weeks ago, NASCAR driver Brandon Brown called himself a victim of circumstance. He won his first Xfinity Series race at Talladega in October; during a post-race interview, fans in the stands nearby started chanting “fuck Joe Biden.” The NBC reporter s

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MG Only Ever Built One Truly Cool Car

There is never a time when I am not fantasizing about the wonderfully weird MG Metro 6R4. It’s easily the coolest car ever to be sold under the MG brand, and arguably the coolest car to come from the British Isles in history. Don’t fight me on this, I’m r

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2022 Tokyo Auto Salon Promises VeilSide Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Ralliart Concept

The show with the quirkiest concepts is coming in January and bringing with it an assortment of electric kei cars along with the bigger stuff.

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In China You Can Buy A Hybrid That Looks And Costs The Same As A Hyundai Elantra But Has A Tesla Interior

“Luxury” is a subjective concept. These are the sorts of philosophical musings I find myself contemplating as I observe Chinese automaker BYD’s latest product, unveiled last week at the Guangzhou Auto Show, called the Destroyer 05.Read more...

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