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These Are Your Weirdest Automotive Superstitions

Car enthusiasts may not be cowardly, but we sure do seem to be a superstitious lot. From colors to brand to body damage, there are a wealth of things that feel just a bit more important than you’d expect — or that have some deeper connotations under the s

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A California City Is Taking Electric Transit Into Its Own Hands

Many cities want to electrify their public transit fleets. Doing so, though, requires incredible investments in both vehicles and infrastructure — investments many cities are loath to make. When the bills start to include multiple commas, organizational i

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Cars Designed To Drive On The Ocean Floor Exist And Are Way Older Than You Think

When is a submarine a car? This isn’t a riddle, it’s an honest question. I think if something has wheels and drives on the ground, it qualifies as a car. If that ground happens to be under a lot of water because it’s the bottom of the ocean, I’m not so su

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Stellantis Is Still Trying To Fix Its Smelly Jeep Factory

Good news if you live near Jeep’s new assembly plant on Detroit’s east side. Stellantis told Michigan regulators it finally has a plan to solve a persistent odor issue at the complex. The catch is, they don’t know have a date for when it will actually be

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