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Let's Watch The Greatest News Cruiser Sendoff In History

Anchorman Jim Gardner is a mainstay in Philadelphia TV news. He helmed the 6ABC Action News desk at 11 p.m. for over four decades, and last night was his final broadcast at that time slot, as he plans to retire at the end of 2022. (Don’t worry you can sti

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The Strangest Items Confiscated By TSA Agents In 2021

Flying used to be a fairly ho-hum activity, one that welcomed the delicate barbs of stand-up comedians about the quality versus the amount of food on planes or arm rest etiquette. Sure, things got dicy after 9/11, and we still have to take our shoes off i

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Stop Participating In 'Paying It Forward' At The Drive-Thru

A viral video of a man ending a 23-car “pay it forward” streak at a Starbucks drive-thru has the internet divided over whether he was justified in taking his paid-for order and not funding the next person’s daily dose of caffeine. Some think he was justif

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Some Amazon Delivery Vans Have Been Rolling Away While Parked: Report

The Mercedes Sprinter vans used by Amazon to make deliveries have been falling victim to one of the worst feelings in automotive history: A failure to properly park, in some cases even with the parking brake activated.Read more...

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