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Backhoe Driver Shot By Police After Rampaging Through Town

The driver of a backhoe rampaged through a town in New Jersey, on Saturday (Dec. 18). The incident, which took place at 5:30am local time, saw the driver of a backhoe digger drive into cars and police cruisers, before flipping over an ambulance. Read more

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Your Guide To The Major Automotive Holidays Of The Season: 2021 Edition

Do you feel that in the air? That intoxicating feeling, warm on the inside, fighting with the crisp coldness of the wind, that lets you know that the Time of Saleabrations is upon us? Of course you feel it. And while you may be tempted to just wish everyo

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Audi's Charging Lounge Is The EV Equivalent Of Flying Private

Filling up your gas tank is one of the least luxurious aspects of owning a car, and electric vehicle charging only exacerbates the issue by making you wait longer — which you can do in your vehicle, while running errands, or by killing time in the Bob Eva

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These Are Your Favorite Automotive Pet Names

Pets: Whether you have one or not, it seems everyone’s at least considered adding a furry (or scaly, feathery, creepily hairless) friend to their household. As it turns out, quite a number of you considered giving that pet an automotive name — and many of

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