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2021–2022 Ford F-150 Pickups Recalled over Potential Driveshaft Damage

More than 185,000 trucks are under recall for faulty insulators that could lead to a damaged or broken driveshaft.

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 24, 2021

A Low-Mileage Hummer H2 Just Auctioned For $58K Because BaT

If you’re reading this, you already know the current car market, new and used, is busted. There are no good deals, no hidden gems, no smart buys. Everything is roundly terrible. But it’s especially in times like these that we must be vigilant and keep our

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Blip: Let's Just Check And See

The Rumpler Tropfenwagen is one of the most ahead-of-its-time, pioneering automobiles ever. Released in 1921, it was the first car to have actual, real aerodynamic considerations when designed. Of course, when Edmund Rumpler designed it, he didn’t have ac

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A Rivian Subcontractor Is Ordered To Pay Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Back Wages To Mexican Laborers

The Mexican laborers building Rivian’s EVs are finally getting paid for all of their work, according to the Chicago Tribune. An investigation into the labor practices of the company’s subcontractors found those subcontractors were not paying their laborer

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