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Tesla Will Disable Video Games In Teslas In Motion

On Wednesday, NHTSA said it was investigating the fact that you could play video games in a Tesla while the car is in motion, because that seems like a poor idea. On Thursday, NHTSA said Tesla told it, uh, sorry, I’m sorry, I’m trying to delete it.Read mo

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 25, 2021

General Motors Pulls In-Person CES Appearance Over Omicron Fears

The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show is circling the drain as many major displayers pull their commitment to the show. General Motors, despite telling media as recent as Wednesday that it would still attend the show as other companies pulled out, has decide

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I'm Pretty Sure This Is The Only Car Ever With A Penis On Its Hood Ornament

Hood ornaments are interesting, if kind of archaic things. Normally, they depict the logos and branding (however weird) of a given carmaker, though they occasionally make the leap to actual sculpture, like the stylized bird on an old Voisin or Rolls-Royce

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He Raked In Thousands To Build A Drift Heaven. Members Say They Got Scammed

For decades, American drift enthusiasts have gazed longingly over the Pacific, dreaming of visiting their own motorsport Mecca. Japan is not only the birthplace of nearly every legendary drift car, but it’s home to the ultimate track for the slideways ent

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