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Shunji Tanaka, Designer Of The Mazda Miata, Has Died

Car enthusiasts around the world recognize the first-generation Mazda Miata as an icon. Its shape, a smoothed-over ‘90s rendition of classic ‘60s British roadsters, remains one of the most friend-shaped cars ever built. Sadly, the man who brought us that

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I Can't Believe I Need To Say This, But Nicholas Latifi Did Nothing Wrong

On Tuesday (Dec. 21), Williams driver Nicholas Latifi took to Twitter to make a statement on the abuse he’s received following the events of the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix almost two weeks ago. Latifi’s crash on lap 52 of 58 stemming from a battle wit

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These Are The 6 Most Uninspiring Cars Jalopnik Reviewed This Year

Sometimes you drive a car, and it’s great. Sometimes, you drive a car, and it just... falls flat. This year, we drove some cars that fell into that latter camp. Here are some of the worst or “uninspiring” cars Jalopnik reviewed this year.Read more...

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The New Tesla Roadster Is Still Just An Idea

It was in November 2017 when Tesla first unveiled the second Roadster, promising incredible numbers — a 1.9 second zero-to-sixty time, for one — though the most incredible number was 2020, the year Tesla said the Roadster was scheduled to start production

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