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How Do You Feel About This Bronco With A Super Duty Face, That Looks Like A Photoshop But Actually Exists?

“Oh great,” I muttered to myself, browsing Twitter. “Somebody stretched the face of a Super Duty over a classic Bronco in Photoshop and posted it for instant virality and indigestion.” You see enough works of fiction like this and you really begin to tire

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

Nude Thief Steals Ram From Florida Dealership

Florida news outlets are reporting that a naked man stole a Ram pickup truck from a Fiat dealership and lead police on a chase before getting caught. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

Renault Dauphine, Ford Econoline Pickup, Citroën DS Break: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

Another week means another entry into our series featuring the sweet cars I found for sale online. This time we have a gorgeous French wagon, a very yellow Subaru and an off-roader with a kick of power.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

How To Watch Extreme E And Everything Else In Racing This Weekend; December 17-19

Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it and where you can talk about it, all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?Read more

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021