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Carvana Found A Way To Fail At Selling Used Cars In 2022

Carvana is setting itself apart from everyone else in the business of selling automobiles in all the wrong ways, Elon Musk keeps doing the thing Tesla backers really wish he wouldn’t, and the chips: They’re still not coming. All that and more in The Morni

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Watch A School Bus Drive Right Through Wet Concrete With Kids On Board

I’m not here to say driving a school bus is easy by any means – it certainly isn’t. Being a school bus driver in one of the busier suburbs of Detroit, MI while riddled with potholes and divots at every corner (ready to swallow your vehicle and/or axle who

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All Of The Terrible Ways I've Camped At A Race Track: A Timeline

I’ve made many poor decisions at race tracks around the world, but camping is generally the start of all those problems. Today, I’m going to walk you through the evolution of my terrible, horrible race track camping experiences.Read more...

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Former Racer JC Perez Jailed In $109 Million Medicare Fraud Scam

JC Perez, a former IMSA racer, has been sentenced to five years in jail over a three-year case that saw him defraud the Medicare system of $109 million, Daily Sportscar reports.Read more...

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