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2021 in Review: Spare a Chip?

A lot happened in 2021, and some of it was even okay. But the long and the short of it was an industry short on supplies while consumers continued to demand. Also, a new Corvette Z06 was unveiled.

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

1986 Nissan Bluebird Gets a Leaf EV Powertrain from Nissan U.K.

Christened Newbird, the battery-powered hatchback celebrates 35 years of Nissan U.K. production.

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

Sports Can Be Unfair And Lewis Hamilton Should Remember That If He's Thinking About Retiring

Lewis Hamilton is sad, according to his boss. One would imagine so, having dominated the entirety of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix only to lose it and the Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship on a questionable call on the final lap. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

Waymo Self-Driving Test Vehicle Hits Pedestrian But Waymo Says A Human Was Driving

On Thursday, a Jaguar I-Pace outfitted with Waymo’s extensive autonomous driving sensors hit a pedestrian on a rainy evening in San Francisco’s Height neighborhood. Luckily, the injuries to the pedestrian don’t appear to be major, and Waymo has stated tha

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021