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Time Magazine's Owner Loves Elon Musk So Much That He Has A Financial Interest In SpaceX

Time magazine named Elon Musk its “Person of the Year” on Monday, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now. The profile paints Musk as a dreamer and a manic genius with a prickly personality, more in the vein of Steve Jobs than Jeff Bezos, extolling his long shot

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This Little Drill Attachment Makes Body And Interior Work A Lot Easier

One way to find a potential car deal in these wild times is to get a vehicle that needs a little bit of work like a new bumper or interior pieces. It’s how I got a reliable Volkswagen Touareg for just $1,700. Fixing those body and interior issues after g

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The MWM Spartan EV Updates A Soviet Off-Road Icon, But Doesn't Come Cheap

A Czech company is now offering an EV converted Soviet-era off-roader from Russian carmaker UAZ, calling it the MWM Hunter EV. The conversion company starts with a UAZ Hunter, which is just an update of the 50-year old UAZ-469, and swaps its four-cylinder

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Thieves Take Four Brand New Mustang GT500s From Right Under Ford's Nose

Not that I’m a thief (and let it stand I’ve never been one), even if I took on the job I would never have considered stealing a car directly from the factory. However in Michigan, there were some thieves that were bold enough to try it. Southeast Michiga

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