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What's The Best Car-Related Pet Name?

It’s that wonderful time of year when cold weather and terrifying COVID case rates send everyone back into their homes to hibernate. To mitigate the cabin fever, it’s also the time of year when people are giving and receiving pets as holiday gifts. This i

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Blip: This Could Be For Any Car

I know what this 1977 GMC brochure is getting at—we tend to call high passenger volume cars “people movers,” but, really, if you take a step back, all cars are fundamentally “people movers” more than anything else, so this is kind of like the most generic

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F1 Has Something Worse Than Refunds For Everyone Who Suffered Through Spa

Last week, we were lamenting the sport for the way race director Michael Masi was able to twist the rules of a safety car restart to impact the fate of the 2021 championship. And before that, it was the series’ rush to finish a brand new circuit in a coun

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Ohio Man Hired A Crane Service To Help Him Steal An Entire Bridge

It looks like Florida Man has been getting some stiff competition from the states up north. We’ve already seen what Michigan Man can do, now Ohio has a doozy of a story caused by one of its residents. Akron authorities have been asking for help finding s

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