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Here's A Reminder That You Can Buy A Motorcycle That Sounds Like A Formula 1 Car

When the Honda CBX Super Sport launched in 1978, it was briefly the fastest motorcycle in the world, wowing reviewers with its speed and elegance. Modern bikes may eclipse it in performance, but the CBX still has the best soundtrack you’ll find on two whe

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Older Drivers Are More Likely To Die Driving Older Cars

The average age of cars on the road keeps going up, and as these cars get older they are becoming less suited to the drivers most likely to own them. A new study from the IIHS says that older drivers are at much greater risk of getting hurt or killed in t

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The Last Time F1 Drivers Were Tied Heading Into The Final Race Was 1974

While it’s not uncommon that Formula One World Championships come down to the wire in the final race of the season, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have achieved a truly rare feat by coming into the Abu Dhabi weekend with a tie in points. That has only

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Hear Me Out: Tokyo Drift Is The Best 'Fast And Furious' Movie For Car People

This past Friday, I got my COVID-19 booster shot. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, or your initial vaccine dose, and you’re medically able to do so, put this article down and go do that. It’ll still be here when you get back, I promise.Read more...

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