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Traffic Jams: Sidney Gish - 'Sin Triangle'

I don’t care what my Spotify says my “aura of the year” was — this is my song of 2021. Boston-based singer-songwriter Sidney Gish released her last album, No Dogs Allowed, in 2017. On it, there’s a song called “Sin Triangle.” I first heard it in October a

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 8, 2021

Watch A Tesla Model S Plaid's Brakes Catch Fire During Testing

The brakes on the Model S Plaid have come under fire recently for poor heat dissipation. Throttle House was one of the first to make the brakes a sticking point, but even Hagerty’s Randy Pobst (as told by Jason Cammisa on the Carmudgeon Show podcast) had

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At $10,999, Is This Low-Mileage 2001 Cadillac Eldorado ETC A Gold Standard?

If you look at today’s Nice Price or No Dice Eldorado and wonder why Cadillac doesn’t build cars like this anymore, you’re not in the majority. Let’s find out if this blast from the past has a price that today will make it a decent present.Read more...

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This Weird Luxury Submarine Is A Living Room Under The Sea

It has come to my attention that RVs, motorcycles, private jets and off-road vehicles aren’t the only things to have started selling like hotcakes since the start of pandemic. Apparently, rich people also can’t get enough personal submarines. Before you f

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