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Nissan Did This Cool EV Restomod On An '80s Newbird To Celebrate Its UK Birthday

Earlier this year, the car world was whipped into a frenzy by a sleek EV restomod of the Hyundai Grandeur. The one-off creation showed that electric cars could be cool, if they were inspired by a cyberpunk vision of 1980s luxury. But now, Nissan is out to

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 18, 2021

Here Are Your Most Evil Ideas For Car Subscription Services

This morning, we asked you for your worst, most mustache-twirling ideas for subscription-based car features. Anything the CEO of a car company could charge extra for, with bonus points to those who made something so insidious that buyers would actually sh

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 18, 2021

What Car Should You Buy: The Worst Entries Of 2021

Now that we’ve seen the best entries in “What Car” from this year, it’s time for the worst ones. I’ll start by saying we have taken precautions to spare you from our bad car-buying impulses, but they don’t always work. There are rules that bar some of us

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Now That's Some Good Patina

It seems these days everyone is worried about their collector cars having as few miles as possible on the odometer. They want to hold things as objets d’art, rather than their intended purpose as machine to move humans around on roads. I reject the notion

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