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Paris Taxi Firm Suspends Tesla Model 3 Fleet After Deadly Crash

A taxi firm in Paris has suspended its fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars after one of its drivers crashed into a cyclist on Saturday (December 11), killing the rider and injuring 20 other people. Read more...

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The 22 Most Pointless Cars To Import In 2022

Every year, thanks to the 25 Year Rule, a new crop of cars becomes legal to import in the United States. Good cars. Wonderful cars. Cars that were too amazing to be sold in the American market. And also these things.Read more...

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These Are The Beloved Car Movies That Actually Suck

As the festive period gets in full swing, you might find yourself with spare time in which to watch a few classic car movies. But not all of these famous flicks were created equal.Read more...

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This Hemi-Swapped Plymouth Prowler Finally Backs Up Its Looks With Power

When the Plymouth Prowler first graced us with its presence, 25 years ago, it was not particularly well-loved. It had a loud-but-slow six-cylinder, a four-speed automatic, and nearly half of its parts were shared with sedans or minivans. The first of thos

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