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BMW And Apple Can't Agree On iPhones Attaching To Motorcycles

BMW is releasing a smartphone mount for its motorcycles, despite warnings from Apple that vibrations from bike engines can break iPhone cameras. The mount is called the ConnectedRide Cradle and unless BMW built vibration dampening into its cradle, it seem

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 19, 2021

Ex-Jalop Takes Tesla's FSD Beta For A Less-Than-Impressive Spin Around NYC For CNN

Way back in 2015, a young, fresh-faced Mike Ballaban, then working for the Jalopnik electronic car magazine, took a test ride in something new and exciting: a Tesla with a partial driving automation system known as Autopilot. Ballaban of six years in the

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Renault Had A Brilliant Trunk Innovation With A Very Goofy Name

Genuine innovation in trunks is rare. While there are certainly many trunks that I find inspirational, and there are even some I consider genuinely groundbreaking, the reality is that for most mass-market cars accommodations for cargo are a hole to throw

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Barbie's New Electric Sports Car Is Totally Radical And I Want One

Why haven’t any mainstream automakers built an electric sports car yet? It’s a no-brainer, really. The battery sits super low in the chassis so you get a good low center of gravity. That’s the thinking behind Barbie’s new car from Mattel, and really Matte

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