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The Car Used In Tesla's Promo Video For Autopilot Hit A Barrier During Filming According To A New York Times Story

There’s an excellent story on The New York Times right now, a look inside Tesla’s development program for their semi-automated driver assist systems that the company confusingly (perhaps deceptively) calls Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. The article is f

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A Carmaker’s $23 Billion Plan To Keep You Paying Long After You’ve Bought Your Car

If you look at headlines about Stellantis’ new money-making scheme, things seem pretty innocuous. “Stellantis Bets on Software,” says the Wall Street Journal. “Stellantis launches $23 billion software push,” says Automotive News. Software sounds good, ri

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Buying And Selling Cars As A Woman Remains Awful

When 26-year-old Harley Gambetta tried to sell her Citroën C1 to We Buy Any Car, a UK-based car buying service, she was greeted with a salesman who texted her to offer a trade: He’d give her a better deal on her C1 in exchange for sexual favors. Welcome t

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What’s The Worst Car On Your Driving Bucket List?

We’ve all made bucket lists, right? The things we hope to do before calling it a life—outlandish activities like skydiving, sailing round the globe or visiting the best restaurant in the world.Read more...

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