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Hyundai's RN22e Concept is our First Taste of an Electrified N Car

Hyundai’s N brand has been making raucous, exciting performance cars for years. In all that time, however, the company has focused its efforts on a single drivetrain: A 276-horsepower turbocharged four cylinder, mated to either a six-speed stick or an 8-s

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 16, 2022

Spa-Francorchamps Scaled Five Times Larger Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Racing game modders can create some pretty amazing things, like rendering previously language-locked experiences accessible for all to enjoy, or adding stunning, transformative new environmental effects to games that lacked them. They can also realize nig

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HERide Is a Ride-Sharing App That Connects Women Drivers With Women Passengers

Five thousand, nine-hundred eighty-one. That’s the number of sexual assault claims Uber received in 2019. In 2020 that number was lower due to pandemic lockdowns, but there were nearly a thousand assault reports, and troublingly, 141 reports of rape. Lyft

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These Outdated Car-Buying Tips Could Hurt You in Today's Crazy Market

If you’re trying to buy a car right now, you’re probably experiencing a world of frustration, between a lack of inventory and crazy-high prices. There are some helpful tips to navigate this market, but you should know that a lot of conventional wisdom no

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