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Tesla Cybertruck Spotted With Hilariously Huge Windshield Wiper

I just want to say right up front that I don’t think all of the shock and scorn being heaped upon this wiper by Twitter and elsewhere is really merited. I mean, rain exists, and that’s a massive sheet of glass for the windshield, so something has to wipe

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 14, 2021

The Secret To Adopting Electric Cars More Quickly Could Be On The Used Car Lot

Used cars are finally becoming popular in China, where car buyers have traditionally preferred new cars over used ones by a wide margin. The growth of China’s used car sales applies to electric cars, too, with sales of used EVs nearly doubling to 47,000 i

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Harley-Davidson Is Getting In On Wall Street's EV Hype

Special-purpose acquisition companies have been all the rage during the pandemic, a way for electric vehicle companies like Nikola and Fisker to go public without going through a traditional initial public offering process, which critics say is because th

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These Are The Cars That Have A Good Side And A Bad Side

Car design is a funny thing. I remember the first time I saw the new Supra, I hated its bloated, bulbous haunches. Then one day for reasons I can’t and will never be able to explain, it clicked. Meanwhile, the C8 Corvette still hasn’t for me and at this r

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