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Geely Launches an Electric Pickup in China

Today, Chinese automaker Geely launched Radar Auto, which it has referred to as “China’s first pure electric outdoors lifestyle vehicle brand.” The new brand’s first model is the Radar RD6, an electric pickup. Interestingly, it’s a pickup built by a non-A

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 13, 2022

Newly Released Video Shows the Moment Richard Russell Stole a Plane at Sea-Tac

It was one of the strangest, scariest, most bizarre events of 2018: A baggage handler at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport moseyed onto the tarmac, hopped in an unoccupied Horizon Air passenger plane, taxied to an empty runway, and took off. What follo

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2023 Honda CR-V: This Is It

Saying the Honda CR-V is just a best seller for the brand is an understatement. It’s a huge seller, with the automaker selling just over 361,000 CR-Vs in 2021. The crossover sells so well that even with all the issues surrounding the supply chain and chip

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Surprise: Dealerships Don't Like the FTC's Rules to Make Car Buying More Transparent

In June, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a set of rules prohibiting shady dealership sales tactics that obfuscate a car’s true cost to a potential buyer. The targets range from false advertising — like when a website lists a price that in actuality

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