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How To Tell You Need New Tires

Look at almost any new car or SUV on the market today and you’ll find advanced safety features devoted to preventing accidents. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the automobile, but too many folks are neglecting one of that most basic

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 22, 2022

Carvana Had A Not So Great, Very Terrible First Quarter

Despite a booming used car market, Carvana hasn’t been doing so well lately. The company posted a larger-than-expected loss on first-quarter earnings today, MarketWatch reports, and it’s all attributed to the fact that economic recovery after Covid-19 has

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I Want To Trade My XJ Jeep For Something More Modern! What Car Should I Buy?

Owen has a 1999 Jeep XJ and he is looking to upgrade to something a bit safer, and more modern. However, he would still like to retain the capability of his Jeep. With a budget up to $40,000, what car should he buy?Read more...

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The iDrive Dial Will Live On, But Only In The Biggest BMWs

BMW’s iDrive interface is like cilantro — some people love it while others believe it tastes like soap. But iDrive has been curiously missing on some of the brand’s newer models, like the 2 Series Active Tourer. It figures to miss the X1 as well. If you t

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