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Ford Stops Taking Maverick Orders Due To Overwhelming Demand

Ford has stopped accepting customer orders for the Maverick because demand for the compact pickup now exceeds Ford’s production capacity. The problem is people keep ordering the Ford Maverick, and the carmaker says it refuses to take on more orders than i

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 25, 2022

Ohio Becomes First State To Get Millions Over Dieselgate Scandal

Volkswagen is going to pay the state of Ohio $3.5 million in a settlement because of the 2015 Dieselgate scandal. Ohio claims the German automaker violated state laws when it manipulated vehicle computer software to cheat emissions tests, according to Reu

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 25, 2022

DeLorean's Alleged Son Says The Taliban Wants To Buy His Reliant DMC-12 Clones

Put down that calendar and close that app, it is not April 1st and you’re probably not a fool. John DeLorean’s alleged son says that the Taliban wants to buy his repainted Reliant “DMC-21" three-wheelers. He’d consider doing it, too, if it weren’t fo

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A Cruise Ship Evaded Arrest By Running To The Bahamas With Hundreds Of Passengers Aboard

Did you know a ship can be arrested? It appears they can, because a U.S. judge issued an arrest warrant for a white, 781-foot long fugitive that goes by the name Crystal Symphony, wanted for skipping out on a $4 million gas (well, probably that thick, cre

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