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A Black Family Was Kicked Off An American Airlines Flight. Now They're Suing

Incidents on flights have been on the rise lately. Even with FAA crackdowns in the form of fines and jail time, things haven’t seemed to calm down. While a passenger being unruly on a flight is usually more than enough of a reason to remove them, some pas

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 9, 2021

Should Max Verstappen Just Crash Into Lewis Hamilton To Win The Championship?

Heading into the Formula One season finale at Abu Dhabi, Championship contenders Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are tied in points. If both drivers race, it’s likely that whoever finishes higher will take the Championship. But if neither driver finishe

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Here's What The Next Generation Of Car Enthusiasts Need To Know

When we’re not around anymore, the next generation of auto enthusiasts are going to need to carry the torch until it’s their turn to pass it on. Before they can do that, though, there are certain things that they’re going to need to know. Read more...

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Here's A Reminder That You Can Buy A Motorcycle That Sounds Like A Formula 1 Car

When the Honda CBX Super Sport launched in 1978, it was briefly the fastest motorcycle in the world, wowing reviewers with its speed and elegance. Modern bikes may eclipse it in performance, but the CBX still has the best soundtrack you’ll find on two whe

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