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BMW’s New 7 Series Puts Electric Power Front And Center

The BMW 7 Series has been the star atop BMW’s range since 1977. Over the years, the flagship sedan has cemented its place as one of the top picks for rich people in the market for a luxurious car that packs in more features than most houses. So whenever B

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At $34,500, Is This 2018 Kia Stinger GT A Pointedly Good Deal?

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice Kia Stinger is a type of car about which enthusiasts dream. Few of those enthusiasts have ever actually bought one though. Let’s see if a bit of depreciation makes this one a deal that can build up some enthusiasm.Read more..

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Bentley Found This 1965 T-Series In Storage

All the way back on September 28th of 1965, this Bentley T-Series rolled out of Crewe in a lovely Shell Grey shade with a complementary blue leather interior, with the big 6¼-litre pushrod V8 up front under the long bonnet pumping away in silky quiet luxu

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The Boeing 747 'Queen Of The Skies' Has Reached The End Of The Line

Over 53 years ago, the Boeing 747 took its first flight with a destination for the history books. The aircraft had earned the nickname “the Queen of the Skies” and became synonymous with the term jumbo jet. But with just four aircraft left in Boeing’s ord

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