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Audi Urbansphere Is the Luxury Minivan We Didn’t Know We Needed

An Audi van wasn't on our 2022 bingo card, but this 396-hp electric concept appears to be catered to the Chinese market.

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022

You Might Not Get A Toyota GR Corolla

Toyota has heard your GR Corolla calls and wants you to calm down. For those of you who already contacted local dealers to get in line, good on you for getting in early. The unfortunate reality is that even if you select the options and colors you want, y

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022

Do I Have To Tell The Dealer How Much I Owe On My Trade?

As Jalopnik’s resident car buying expert and professional car shopper, I get emails. Lots of emails. I’ve decided to pick a few questions and try to help out. This week we are discussing trade-in strategies, Crown Vics as kid cars and buying out a friend’

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022

Aston Martin's Mid-Engined Marvels Wouldn't Exist Without Video Games

With the Valkyrie and Valhalla garnering so much attention now, it’s easy to forget about Aston Martin’s earlier fantasies of what a mid-engine supercar from the brand might look like. Almost a decade ago, it unveiled the DP-100 — a car designed for Gran

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022