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This Has To be The Most Humiliating Christmas Tree Transport In History

If you’re heading to the Christmas tree farm to pick up a fresh, real Christmas tree this year — perhaps for the first time in your life — please remember not to tie your tree to the roof through the windows if you intend to open your car door and drive h

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 9, 2021

85-Year-Old Woman Dies In Ohio Police Chase Crash

Last Friday, an 85-year-old woman became yet another of victim of a police vehicle pursuit. In the last month alone, multiple news outlets carried the unfortunate stories of people who died when police decided to engage in a car chase. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 9, 2021

Indiana Donut Shop Ad Begs Drivers "Please Don't Crash Into Us"

Munster, Indiana seems to be a hotspot for cars crashing into buildings. No one is exactly sure why, though, and locals are left to protect their buildings with bollards and large flower pots, wondering if some of the buildings are cursed, local news sour

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Two-Thirds Of Milwaukee’s Stolen Cars Are Made By Kia Or Hyundai

Milwaukee is set to surpass 10,000 vehicle thefts this year. The bulk of those stolen vehicles are Hyundais and Kias — and the city seems to be so fed up that local ABC News affiliate WISN 2 reports city officials are considering suing the automaker becau

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