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New Jersey Cops Write So Many Plate-Frame Tickets, Lawmakers Are Changing the Law

If you live in or visit New Jersey, look out. Got a license plate frame that professes your love for your sports team, or the dealer that took your money? You could become one of the hundreds of thousands of people ticketed for that highly illegal piece

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At $56,000, Would You Haul Ass To Buy This 2007 Mercedes E63 Family Hauler?

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice E63 is that rarest of the rare — a muscle car wagon. Let’s see how much you might be willing to flex your bank account’s muscle in order to buy it.Read more...

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Traffic Jams: Seu Jorge — 'Ziggy Stardust'

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is Wes Anderson’s best film. It has the best outfits, the best cast, the best plot and best character development. Don’t let the color palate fool you; it’s basically a revenge movie like Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Read mo

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What Classic Car Design Feature Do You Want to See Come Back?

For the most part, car design is an evolutionary process. Every year, little tweaks and changes come to just about every car. Design trends come and go like middle school crushes. The cars of today look almost nothing like the cars of 20 years ago (unless

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