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Toyota Recalls 46,176 Tundras For Loose Rear Axles

This week, Toyota issued a recall for 46,176 Tundras (including hybrids) built for the 2022 model year. The issue stems from ten nuts on the trucks’ rear axles, (five per side) that may loosen over time, which could cause the axle assemblies to separate f

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No One Bought Chevrolet's 2023 Corvette Z06 NFT

The Corvette Z06 NFT that Chevrolet tried to auction off received a total of zero bids during a four-day bidding period, from June 20-24. This was Chevy’s first attempt to break into the boom market of non-fungible tokens, but not even a real-life 2023 Co

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Every Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle For Sale In the U.S.

EV prices don’t appear to be coming down anytime soon. While automakers and the government are still operating under the assumption of widespread adoption, those higher prices are what’s keeping a lot of Americans out of the market. In many cases, the tho

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Feds Proposes Rules To Prevent Shady Car Sales


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