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I'm Looking For An Electric Replacement To My Twelve-Year-Old Car! What Should I Buy?

Josh is looking for a replacement for his twelve-year-old Hyundai Genesis. However, it’s an aging car that gets 22 MPG with rising fuel prices, he wants to swap it for something electric. What car should he buy?Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 15, 2022

The EPA's 2016 Crackdown On Race Cars, Explained

Will a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency really hinder your plans to turn your daily driver into a badass track-only machine? It will, officials from aftermarket trade association SEMA and the EPA itself confirmed to Jalopnik today. H

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 15, 2022

Man Who Tried To Ram Train Into U.S. Navy Hospital Ship In Order To 'Wake People Up' Gets 3 Years In Prison

There was a lot going on in March 2020, so maybe I can be forgiven for missing a conspiracy theorist locomotive engineer trying to ram a Naval hospital ship with a whole train at top speed. Former Port of LA employee Eduardo Moreno was sentence to three y

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Here Are The Cars You Think Are Too Long

Sure, a slightly longer wheelbase to increase legroom and give you a bit more trunk space is always nice to have. But some cars have taken liberties with their excessive extensions. Never-ending hoods, cavernous cabins and titanic trunks can all combine t

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 15, 2022