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Dead, Reportedly: Nissan Titan

If you’ve ever driven around an American parking lot and looked at the window stickers adorning various double-parked pickup trucks, you would’ve noticed a trend. The rear windows of trucks from the Big Three automakers often have a signature sticker — Ca

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Every 2022 Car Available With a Manual Transmission

The death of the manual transmission has been talked about and debated upon for decades, and with more and more people adopting EVs, it may be in our lifetimes we see the last manual transmission car. But... today is not that day.Read more...

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These Are the Races That Top Your Bucket List

The world of motorsport is vast, with some race or series to tickle the fancy of nearly any genre of enthusiast around the world. But there’s so little time to see them all, sometimes you have to prioritize — say, make a list. Yesterday, we asked what rac

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Nürburgring Regulars Made a Safety App Because the Track Lacks Basic Safety Measures

The Nürburgring is a legendary track, one that draws tourists looking for a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience and the track-equivalent of beach bums in equal measure. But casual drivers and dedicated Nürburgring denizens alike told Road & Track th

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