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Watch A Couple Of Best Bud Tires Just Having A Great Time

This is just a video of a pair of tires, co-mounted on a tractor-trailer-style wheel, bouncing down a highway with the gleeful abandon of a cardboard box full of puppies. Why is it so much fun to watch? Why does the driver of the car filming the tires’ ja

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 25, 2021

NASA Has Officially Started Launching Missiles Into Asteroids

NASA’s DART program — the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — has officially taken to the skies, and it has one mission in mind: To absolutely destroy any asteroids that might threaten to turn the human race into our extinct dinosaur brethren.Read more...

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Prepare For Thanksgiving With This List Of Good Car Arguments You Can Start With Family

One unchanging complaint about Thanksgiving in America is that it’s a time that forces many people to have to interact with relatives that have wildly differing opinions, whether politically, ethically, religiously, and so on. And while a variety of point

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The 2022 Alpine A110 Is The Only Car

There are some objects in this universe that seem to have come from a virgin birth, and the Alpine A110 is one such object: A gas car that is the last good car. Alpine debuted a new A110 Wednesday with some subtle refinements, but not really anything subs

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 25, 2021