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You’re Quickly Running Out of Reasons To Hate On Formula E

During Formula E’s first visit to a purpose-built race track, the event ended with half the grid out of juice before they crossed the line. It was a low point for the series and fueled the fires among its naysayers.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 1, 2021

Toyota Says We Can Have Cheaper Electric Cars Or Longer Range, But Not Both

Toyota is taking a different approach than other carmakers as it transitions to fully-electric cars by focusing on low price over high range. In an interview with Green Car Reports, Toyota said the key to the electric transition is making EVs affordable,

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Own The Road And Sea With This $275,000 Amphibious LS-Powered Convertible

This may be a bit of a hot take to post here on Jalopnik Dot Com, but I personally think vehicles should be fun. Sure, you could get a Corolla, or you could spice it up a bit with a Civic Si. You could buy a Boston Whaler, or spend that same money on a us

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Nikita Mazepin's Humiliation Keeps Getting Worse

It was in July that Nikita Mazepin said he thinks he knows why he’s been bad, identifying his chassis as the problem, specifically that it was slightly heavier than his teammate Mick Schumacher’s. Mazepin eventually got a lighter chassis after Formula 1&#

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