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Backward Driver Tests The Limits Of Emergency Blinkers

Anyone who has lived in a big city has experienced this: A car doing something on the scale between mildly inconveniencing to very illegal with their hazard lights blinking, as if that makes everything they are doing OK. This footage of a banged-up Volksw

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 22, 2022

The Škoda Trekka Is A Shameless Copy Of A Land Rover, But I'm Not Even Mad

This is the Škoda Trekka. It’s passed through here before, but only briefly. I’m normally against copycat car design, but I can’t feel anything but happiness when I look at the Trekka. Especially when the Škoda is saying hello again, having returned to pl

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 22, 2022

This Ford E-350 Camper Has Four-Wheel Drive And A 444 Horsepower Diesel V8

Owning a camper van gives you the opportunity to set your stakes down in places where there are no hotels. But driving these things isn’t usually fun. Soon to roll across the auction block is a camper van that may be an antidote with its high ground clear

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 22, 2022

This Is The Cadillac Escalade V

General Motors wants you to know that even though the future is electric, the present is still very much gas powered… and loud.Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Jan 22, 2022